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Abu AFak

Thanks for this article exposing even more of Adnan Oktar's ignorance. It won't convince his cultist followers who are largely devoid of rationality anyway. But for anyone seeking confirmation that Oktar and his lackeys know nothing of science whatsoever, and are completely untrustworthy sources of information on just about everything, this article is excellent. We need more stuff like this to flush Oktar's waste down the drain.

aka Sojo

Thank you for your comment! Feel free to link, refer, or mirror this page!

Abu AFak

I already have linked it, several times. Such ignorance and outright lies as Adnan Oktar's needs to be shown for what it is.
We need to expose this con man both to secular and religious people. At least to those with some rationality.


u all r just jealous of him! hahah poor people.

aka Sojo

To: hahahah

That's your best argument???

If that were the case, I'd be writing about Hollywood celebrities and bank executives -- who are far more wealthy and successful than Harun Yahya will ever be.

People lie and cheat their way to fortune and fame all the time.

But hey -- whatever it takes if it keeps your head all nice and comfy up there!


Ok lets forget about Adnan Oktar's fossils for a while.Now provide the fossils proofs the gradual transformation of a common ancestor to ape or man that must have existed in abundance if evolution is true.Even without Adnans fossils evolution can't be proofed.Its a Hoax.Now start diggin' you evolutionist fools.

aka Sojo

To Solomon: In order for you to present a convincing case for your side, then let's have YOU explain how humans and other complex life forms were somehow independently and miraculously generated from air, water, dirt, etc.

The fact is that no complex living thing has ever been observed being generated independently, without being born from another complex living thing. And there has never been any satisfactory explanation of such a process. It's always "God did it. But we don't know how." ...As if God/Allah was like a cartoon genie that just magically wills things into existence.

We will never know all the details of what exactly happened over the course of millions of years of life history. Fossils only give a snapshot of life at any given time. However, the fossil record consistently shows that over time, we find increasingly more modern-looking species. That is only one piece of the puzzle, however, as DNA studies also provide evidence as well.

It doesn't take a lot of "digging" to find your answers in Google, or a library, etc. -- that is, if you bother to try to study or understand the subject with unbiased objectivity, which I somehow doubt you're inclined towards.

Just because YOU don't want to understand how a process works does not invalidate it.

How much more on this topic have you studied besides what creationists have written? You're repeating Oktar's "it's all a hoax" mantra. Yet I have just proved here that he's not an expert on this topic at all -- he can't get first-year-biology-level species ID's right, let alone even consistently match skulls he claims are of the same species.

Are you an expert? Have you spent years studying animal anatomy, biology, taxonomy? It is nothing more than supreme arrogance to pretend you know anything about a subject you have obviously spent very little time studying in depth.

Oh, and please do re-read my final paragraph in the main entry above. Read it until you actually understand its implications, before you ever point your "it's all a hoax" finger again and foolishly continue giving your money to hucksters like Oktar who know how to make a buck by playing on peoples' ignorance and need to feel superior.

Simon Phillips

Solomon the stupid wrote:

"Ok lets forget about Adnan Oktar's fossils for a while."

I think you'd better, since they show Oktar and his lackey's to be liars.

"Now provide the fossils proofs the gradual transformation of a common ancestor to ape or man that must have existed in abundance if evolution is true."

Try reading The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins and you'll see why you are being stupid again. Besides why not go straight to the strongest evidence for evolution, the genetic evidence?

"Even without Adnan's fossils evolution can't be proofed (sic)."

Tell me that again after you've read the Dawkins book I mentioned above. Oktar's fossils are obvious fakes.

"Its a Hoax.Now start diggin' you evolutionist fools."

You have fallen for the lies of a con man that is now in prison for blackmailing women into bed. You are a religious moron. If you really want to know the truth about evolution, stop denying reality and read the Dawkins book. Then you might not make such stupid comments.


Whatever is wrong with you bedwetter evolutionist fools that you refuse to see the obvious truth? Is it you cannot handle the truth?

God made you. He is greater than you. End of. Get over yourselfs.

aka Sojo

MarillionFan: Where in the article above do you see any attack on "God"?? How is it that I am attacking "God" by pointing out one man's very obvious identification errors? Neither is the idea of evolution an attack on "God". I am attacking ignorant errors and fallacies based on one [con] man's limited and small-minded thinking.

Is Adnan Oktar God? Does he speak for God? No, he only believes he does. That is very arrogant, especially considering he can't even get basic facts straight.

You are the one holding the very childish and tribalistic "us vs. them" worldview that it must be either [Adnan Oktar's words which you apparently believe represent "God"] vs. "evolutionists". This is a fallacy known as the false dichotomy. In fact many "evolutionists" believe in God, they just don't believe that all of our knowledge ended 2000 years ago.

You are in no position to lecture me about the truth when I have clearly presented the obvious facts above. And I am guessing you probably didn't read the article since you yourself cannot handle the truth. People like Oktar and you are the ones who should learn some humility; get over yourselves and grow beyond the "us vs. them" kind of thinking.

Jedi Knight

You post is quite horrible. You did not disprove anything that Yahya has posted. You just made yourself look like a fool. Nothing you said in your entire post refutes fatual evidence and pictures to back it up also. Your little arrows and asking stupid questions just show that you have nothing. Absolutely nothing. Next time try to come back with some REAL evidence that shows that Yahya's pictures are a fraud. Until then, look up living fossils on wiki. They destroy evolution. Thanks.

aka Sojo

Jedi Knight: How much is Oktar paying you people to scour the Internet and paste the same thing ("what a terrible article... you haven't disproved him at all...") to any negative article about your beloved cult leader?

It's apparent from your comments that you didn't really bother to read the article at all. These are clear refutations where I have pointed out the mistakes in identification. Try removing your head from Oktar's arse and then maybe you might actually see the obvious.

Sorry you don't understand the "little arrows". Get back to me after you've taken a few proper biology courses and then you might understand why they're there. The only "fool" here is the commentator above me who is proudly advertising his ignorance about a subject he obviously knows very little about.

You have much, much ...MUCH to learn, "Jedi Knight"...

(By the way, "living fossils" do NOT "destroy" evolution, no matter how many times creationists like to repeat this fallacy. NO scientist has ever claimed that all species must evolve or die out. This is only shows how many creationists have never really bothered to study or learn what the theory of evolution actually says. /rationalwiki.org/wiki/Living_fossil . All the theory of evolution says is that new species can branch off from older ones, for example from one population of any given species that was isolated from other populations. It does NOT say that a species as a whole, uniformly, must evolve. )


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