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It's wrong! to do this to the foxes and you guys know it you should just let the Silver and all the other foxes be before they go extintce like all the other animals did. :(


They need to do way instain siantist. > becuse these foxxes cant frigth back?

evolutionary christian

This is an amazing experiment and was done to understand/explain the evolution of domestic dogs from that of the Canus lupus (wolf). This similarly explains how cattle have been bred from originally being wild to their current domestic state. Humans have also been thought to have done this as we have grown a tolerance for lactose (in milk) and wheat, among many others. for further readings and clarifications of this thought read " the ancestors tale"- Richard Dawkins 2004.


Erin, I'm sorry but I'd have to disagree with your statement. They are doing this for educational purposes only. Silver foxes are not an endangered species. I doubt this experiment would cause the foxes to die out.


I agree with Caroline, I do not think that they are harming the foxes. They are not even "experimenting" on them as you might see it. They just bread the ones who were most friendly to humans. Over several generations there are unexpected effects, but it is just selective breeding. It is the same thing dog and cat breeders do... as well as breeders of any domesticated animal.
It is an interesting experiment that could further our understanding of evolution and life.

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