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Here via PZ Myers.

That's just wonderful; both the artwork and the idea! Fabulous!

Although - are you now going to have to draw feathers on your dinosaurs? :)


Jody? Sit on it.

Posted by: K

Excellent! ;-)


Great stuff! But I was expecting it to continue rather than end where it did! Could ya take it into the Old Testament?

Antti Anus

Hiano hommeliini.


I think you got it right upto certain level! But you can go further ahead if you read the following blog!


i thought that was cool, particularly god's expression as he presents humanity... errr, i love you guys. i've felt that expression dammit! A bit of my God: labbi siffre - something inside so strong.
Bill Hicks (on a controversial gag in the USA south) this guy comes up (menacing) and say 'hey buddy we're christians and we dont like what you said'... (hicks) i said, 'then forgive me...?'
Abide with me.


Hope you'll publish this as a tract in the style of Jack Chick.

Papa Vic


well done artwork and a astute storyline (or one that works at least as well as the original myth)

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this is very interesting, i think that's some God story we can tell our kids about!

Retro Jordans

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That is something creative, I think that everybody needs to express ideas, That is an excellent method in order to our imagination flies.

Yes or no

Its an informative topic. It help me very much to solve some problems.


Funny!! Good work!

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