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Jason Newcomb

Funny and true :)


Carefull or Jody will have God smite you.

Lynn S

Brilliant! And I am SO glad that God has a better sense of humor than Jody.

Jason Ward

Brilliant, thanks. Keep them coming.


I absolutely love it! This has to be the most creative way anyone has come up with to make fun of "Intelligent" Design.
Please never remove this site so my children can enjoy it some day.


Haha, nicely done :)

"an adolescent exercise in excess"


Toby Petzold

I guess it's one of those unconscious biases of being so utterly blogospherical in my reading habits these days that I should stumble across genius so casually ---and expect to. This is where the flavor is, says the man who is well into his 25th hour of not smoking.

My hat is doffed.


Maybe if He had first consulted with a "focus group" things would have come out better...

Ed Uthman

Beautiful work! Clever idea and great execution. Brava!



That's all I can really say. Wow.

Winston Smith

I feel sorry for God because he doesn't get me.

expert guy

how do you have that much faith? to not believe, that is.... its ok, i mean, for some, it takes time... but just dont put yourself in that box...its sad in there


[Author's comment: I'm not sure who you're addressing here, "expertguy". However, just to make it clear for those who didn't read my previous entries, this cartoon was done in response to President Bush's suggestion that "Intelligent Design" ought to be taught in schools, and was an exercise in creating an alternative "creation by a single designer" story that doesn't resemble those from the major religions. (You know, that church/state separation thing).

If I took this idea to heart as you imply, I'd be spending my time writing a book on the subject, not making a cartoon of it. HTH -- PurpleKoolaid]


Fantastic! I love it.

John Wilkins

Nice, very nice. I often thought that the Universe itself was God's highschool Science project, which he barely passed. He went on to make some really great universes, to which all the other deities retired about 2000 years ago (except for that Allah guy, who wasn't invited to the party, and got really jealous).

God has now retired on the sales of his pretaporte universes and only does bespoke work on commission now. Our own universe is stuffed in the bottom of a closet, waiting the Great Cleanup.

A Pang

I got here from Evolving Thoughts - this is *sweet*.

Defense Guy

Of course you all are going to hell for laughing at this, and it's a shame I will be joining you.







Nice. Nicely done. You have a very expressive illustration style. I'm a designer from Connecticut. Lemme know if you have a rep I can contact, my agency's always looking for freelance talent.


Well done! What is so dismaying about fundamentalists of any persuasion is that they fail to see the humor in the absurdity of our existence. They are so terrified of the nothingness that awaits us after death that they will covince themselves of anything to get them through the night. Songwriter Leonard Cohen said it best: "They are starving in some deep mystery/Like a man who is sure what is true." Pax vobiscum.


Christianity is the sequal to a side story. Jesus was Jewish. I read some of the bible today, I found it poorly written and dident hold together. The main character dies in both the new and old testaments.. none of it woulda happened if it weren't for those pesky Ancient Romans!


My namesake uninformed about Dubya's ID comment? Don't dismiss us Aussies (pron. ass-leek-ers) so easy. Just two days after your Pres. made his pronouncement, our own Federal Minister for Higher Education said exactly the same thing here. (Our Prime Minister has, of course, reprimanded him for taking so long to copy. Our PM sets high standards for US suck-holing.)

Jason Blundy

Lovely. Just plain lovely. And why do Christians always feel sad for everyone? It's not like I can go to hell for eternity just for thinking my neighbor's wife is hot...that would be sad.


Keep up the good work and dont let the Jody's of the world get you down.

Speaking as one of the other Jody's of the world, I have to say your post was brilliant. I snurffled coffee through my nose and over my keyboard, laughing so hard.

As President of the Jody's of de Yearth (J.O.D.Y.® ) I'm here-by officially throwing the previous Jody out, thus forcing s/he to become a "Jodie", the ultimate shame.


Beautiful artwork!!

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