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Jim Anderson

The "Precious Moments" pastel hues are beyond perfect.


I found the link to this from PZ Myer's place. Look at all the pretty colors! :-)

Yeah, that God. Anger management issues much?


That's really sharp stuff on many levels. Nice work.


I feel sorry for you that you dont get God. Your life must really be sad to show this much bitterness.

Dr. Mabuse



[Author's Comment: Actually, I thought the idea was rather obvious. If you study the work of any artist or designer their work generally goes through evolutionary changes over time.* Plus ya gotta factor in all those hurricanes and typhoons, doncha know... :)

(* even with items that involved the work of many creators, like cars. Well, d'oh! There's another ID idea for you!) -- PurpleKoolaid ]


Jody? Sit on it.


This is brilliant, great work!


What an amazing artist! Beautiful work! And it's funny too! The kid God looks very very concentrated on the play-doh. What medium was used? Is it all Photoshop?


Author's Comment: Thank you, people, for all the compliments so far. :) To answer the last question: yes, Photoshop was used (for text and coloring), but the drawings themselves were first sketched in pencil, then scanned and adjusted for contrast.

Weed Slave

Wow! I feel enlightened! ;-)


You are my hero. :)


Great stuff, but this is why we can't win public forum arguments about things like ID, we're just to gosh-darn clever and ironic. Where they just bleet a one note talking point until everybody's ears bleed.

Nonetheless, you, sir, Rock.


Hear Hear! Although, I'm not looking forward to the artist's next stage which is a bout of Abstract Expressionism with a major slap of Nihilsm...

Scott Pruett

Interesting admission: the fossil record being characterized by periodic creative bursts (and then long periods of stasis, according to Gould and Eldridge). Maybe you need to do a parody of Mother "Nature" as well.


this is the kind of stuff that actually makes me laugh out loud, nice art and writing. Keep up the good work and dont let the Jody's of the world get you down ;)


I thought it was pretty funny. While I think Jody was being a bit presumptious and judgemental, telling her to sit on it is pretty lame. Can't we all just get along? :D


[Author's comments: 1. Nah, the comment from Jody didn't bother me. :-) Given the inherently controversial subject matter I'm surprised I haven't gotten more such responses. In fact, the vast majority have been quite positive. "Jody's" email appears to be Aussie-based so maybe s/he wasn't aware of the Bush press announcement. I forgive him/her! 2. Abstract Expressionism? I think I might have seen some of those on rotten.com. ;-) Of course the few survivors of that experiment were the ones most adapted for living life as a nearly 2-dimensional form... -- PurpleKoolaid


That was brilliantly funny('goya-esque pathos' - har har har) and pretty nice drawings too. This is what makes blogs a worthwhile (intelligently designed) creation.


I feel really bad about that person who feels sad for you. I think they just don't get God. They must be really bitter to show that much sadness.


I love the way you presented this. It looks like it only would appeal to children but it actually has a message for everyone. As for dear Jody - I feel sorry for you that you do not see the creative process of God's work and if you pick up a bible you will actually see that PurpleKoolaid did not "embellish" nor exxagerate His Story. It was just perfect...


fun time... i LOVE how jody axpresses herself in her response, its almost like she thinks we care that shes trying to push her religion on us, almost as if she thinks that shes better than us becaus shes christian, but she cant be that dumb, because in order for that to happen she wouldnt be able to find the tips of her fingers to type that slop with, i gotta be honest with you, i dont have a problem with most religions, MOST, but christianity really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, how they think theyre better than everyone, how they think that everyone who aint kissing christs ass is completely blind and that they hope that they will see the "error" of their ways and how they assume theyre right, not only do they think theyre right but they dont even seriously think of the possibility that theyre wrong, but most of all, most of all i love how they intrude on other peoples religions, and force their own upon everyone else, missionaries? im glad they get eaten, they deserve it, anyone who goes into other countrys and forces their religion, and language and way of life on other ppl deserves to be eaten alive, to see it as they get eaten because they are destroying a culture every time they do that. and that makes me a saaaad panda. i dont care if you believe in christianity, just leave me out of it, i hate science fiction. evolution is proven, Darwin ftw. im out. (send me an email yellin at me, i dare ya, i LOVE writin these)


I feel happy for you that you (according to Jody whatshername) dont get God. Your life must really be full to show this much inspiration, technical skill and humor!



Jody and all you Evangelist can kiss my ass, this was great and I bet God wouldn't mind a joke like this. What kind of sick person are you people if you can have an open mind.


At last! A theology that actually makes sense. By Jove I think you got it! May Apollo smile on you.

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