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Well, as a Hindu I guess the right thing to do is to now pronounce a death threat for you having dared to link these flash movies. Anyway, I loved the vids, and the epic is actually the Ramayana, not the Sitayana - Sita is Lord Rama's wife. On another note, the reason that Hindu's and Muslims are essentially squabbling in India today is because Hindu right-wingers believe that the Muslims built a Mosque on top a temple which marked Rama's birthplace. One temple demolished in 1991, countless riots and hundreds of terrorist attacks later, we still haven't worked out a solution. And all this over a god who chucked out his wife.


Small world! I knew Nina when she was here in San Francisco. Somewhere I even have a napkin sketch she did of my ex-wife. I adore her work and am really glad to see her getting out there.

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