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Moral Oral

I do believe I have the answer. You see, tornadoes are not the work of the Almighty, but the work of Satan. Satan tries to copy GOd and comes up short, that's why we get a tornado instead of a proper hurricane. Even Indian tribes called them "the devil winds". This duly explains why they tend to go after folks in righteous, Bush-voting, God-fearing places while they hardly ever hit the heathen capitals of San Francisco and New York City. It's just Satan trying to cast doubt on their righteousness and test their faith in God. So remember, hurricanes are a righteous instrument of God's judgment while tornadoes are just Satan's silly attempt to cast doubt on the true believers.


^^ You are so ignorant that it's not even funny. I truly hope that is just a bad joke. I'm an atheist but know of your lord, if i had to guess... God never practiced hate, he is probably just sending the tornadoes in an attempt to smite hate mongers and (who happen to reside in the bible belt) all y'all unjust people. How could you possibly justify blind hate towards someones sexual preference? They dont hate you for not being gay.

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